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Welcome to the Middle of the Road. This is a combined book review blog, one that is both cherished and prided over. We want everyone who comes to our page to find something of intrest to them, so when they walk away they are either satisfied or intrigued. We are both avid readers and have a passion about books that few of our other friends do. Both of us are happy to share our experiences in the book world and at times some goodies too. Enjoy your time here, and if you are anything like us, you could spend hours just wandering aimlessly through the world of books, just like a lazy afternoon down the Middle of the Road.

The Book Trail

Here it is guys, The Book Trail. With this trail what we are doing is giving many more people out there the opportunity to get a book in their hands.

How we are going to do this is each week, all week long, you as readers will have the opportunity to enter your name and information along with the book you would like to win in the comments section on our main page when we announce it each week. There is only one entry per person per week allowed, but you can enter every week if you'd like. On Friday of each week we will use random.org and pick a winner. After announcing the winner of that weeks entry you will have until Sunday night to respond to us with your shipping information. If you are unable to do so by Sunday night then that weeks book is forfeit and goes back on the trail.

Most the books on our trail are used, some are single copies, some are independent reads, while others are parts of a series. If you are announced as the winner and you pick a book that is in a series we will allow you to have all the books in the series however you will have to pay for shipping for each additional book, other than the one you won. ( sry but the postage isn't exactly cheap these days :) )

Thank you EVERYONE for your support of our blog and making all the awesome things that have happened possible!! We have a great deal of fun here, and we love it when you guys get involved!!

On to the list for this weeks giveaway:


Eclipse, The Twilight Saga, Stephanie Meyer

Thirst No. 2, Christopher Pike

Glorious Appearing, The Left Behind series Bk 12, Tim Lahaye and Jerry B. Jenkins

Now you see Him, Eli Gottlieb

The Show, Pilot Episode, Jordon Cooke

The Ashleys, Melissa de la Cruz

Dramarama, E.Lockhart

Good Ghouls Do, Julie Kenner

P.S. I Loathe you, A Clique novel, Lisi Harrison

Best Friends Forever, A Clique novel, Lisi Harrison

Sealed with a Diss, A Clique novel, Lisi Harrison

Clare, A Clique novel, Lisi Harrison

Dylan, A Clique Novel, Lisi Harrison

Revenge of the Spellmans, Lisa Lutz

The Final Warning, A Maximum Ride book, James Patterson

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, Stephanie Meyer

Sweep Vol. II, Cate Tiernan

Gone, Lisa McMann


The Unwanted, John Saul

The Harlequin, Laurell K. Hamilton

Secret of the Wolf, Rebecca Flanders

Temptation Ridge, Robyn Carr

9th Judgment, James Patterson

Chill of Fear, Kay Hooper

Bad Love, Jonathan Kellerman

Dark Side of the Moon, Sherrilyn Kenyon

Devil May Cry, Sherrilyn Kenyon

Take me if you can, Karen Kendall

Take me two times, Karen Kendall

Rescue me, Megan Clark

Aphrodisiac, Allyson Roy

Left Behind Bk 1, Tim Lahaye and Jerry B Jenkins

Tribulation Force, Left Behind series Bk 2, Tim Lahaye and Jerry B Jenkins

Nicolae, Left Behind series Bk 3, Tim Lahaye and Jerry B Jenkins

Soul Harvest, Left Behind series Bk 4, Tim Lahaye and Jerry B Jenkins

Rapture's Witness, Left Behind series bk 13, Tim Lahaye and Jerry B Jenkins

From Dead to Worse, A Sookie Stackhouse book, Charlaine Harris

Dead by Day, A Sookie Stackhouse book, Charlaine Harris

Servant the Bones, Anne Riceof

The Vampire Armand, The Vampire Chronicles, Anne Rice

Interview with the Vampire, The Vampire Chronicles, Anne Rice

Nicolae, The Left Behind Series Bk 3, Tim Lahaye and Jerry B. Jenkins