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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Interview with Katherine Warwick

Katherine is the author of Dancing with His Heart. We had the opportunity to ask her some questions and share her answers with all of you. Enjoy :)

We have learned that your Young Adult novels are written under the alias, Jennifer Laurens, while your Adult novels are written under your actual name. What made you use an alias for the Young Adult series?
Different genres, different names -- when I started I wrote three different genres: women's romance, young adult and edgy young adult - and I used different names for them all.

 At what age did you realize that you wanted to pursue being an author? How long after was your first book published?
10 years ago. I started writing professionally once my 6 children were all in school. My first book     was published 4 years after I started writing.

What was your inspiration for Dancing with His Heart?
It was one of three books I'd written revolving around the exciting and dramatic world of ballroom dance. I love ballroom and think it's a great place for romance and, at the time, I was the only one out there with books centered around ballroom dance.
 If you had to choose, which one of your books would you say is your favorite?
Heavenly because so much of my real life is in that book.
 Which character out of your books would you say is most like you?
 I'm in all of my books in some way or another. Everything from major details like the fact that I have a daughter who has autism (HEAVENLY series) to my mother used to teach ballroom dance. (DWHH)

 Choosing from books by other authors what is your favorite book?
Damage by Josephine Hart is by far the most incredible book I've read in years. Her writing is unbelievable.

 What is the main thing that you get out of your books besides the profits?
 I started writing to share my stories with people who might enjoy them. I never wrote for money, and it's a good thing - it's not a high paying position. However, as an indie author I remain in control of all of my rights and have sold foreign rights, film rights as well as ebook rights and am now supporting my family with my work - it's been an amazing turnaround!
 If you could choose another profession, what would it be?
I'm a mother, first and foremost - that's what I choose to do first.
 Who is your idol?
I don't idolize anyone but I admire anyone who stands up for what they believe no matter the cost.
 What is question do you really dislike seeing in an interview? (If we asked it we apologize! feel free to skip it!)
Any and all questions are always welcome. I love meeting and getting to know readers. Please find me on Twitter and Facebook and my blog for weekly giveaways :)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Winner has been chosen!

Patricia Blackmon
plb1050 at gmail dot com

Congratulations! I will forward your email address to the tour coordinator and your book will come from her or the author!

Thanks for participating and showing support for Middle of the Road! We hope you participate in all future giveaways as well.

Friday, July 29, 2011

The Book Trail week 10

Week ten has it's wheels on the ground!! We are going to give away two books this week!! That's right folks you heard me right :) Two books are gonna go to two lucky people this week.

The best part about this is the only thing you have to do to enter is.. COMMENT BELOW!!!

The same rules apply as always.
1. One entry per person, per week
2. You must be a follower of ours
3. You have to respond to us by Sunday night ( after the winner is announced on Friday )

Good Luck, have fun, and HAPPY READING!!!

Book Trail week NINE Winner!!!

Hey everyone, we are back on track :)

Announcing the winner for week nine right now... YAY!!!

Janhvi Jagtap

Get back to us no later than Sunday evening so we can get your book of choice in the mail :) !!!! 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Book Review: All This and Family Too!!!

This was a book sent to us to review, and if I do say so myself it was one of the good ones. I am definitely glad we accepted it.

One of the major things I liked about this book was the fact that you can relate to Cynthia. Well, kind of :)

She is a real chick, in the real world, dealing with real problems. That is to say if vampires really existed. But other than the vampirism, I can totally see her point of view. The tag a long pain in the butt, extraordinary family members, running from a past while trying to make a new future, Cynthia is no different than a LOT of women out there.

I admired how well Cynthia dealt with everything. Although she was in WAY over her head at one point or another, she never crumbled.

Books that show the strength of women, always get a huge thumbs up from me :)

Cynthia Leach hasn't always been a vampire, but now that she is, adjusting to the life isn't exactly going so smooth. She does have a good job to go to, she is now one of the Astronomy Professors at a near by college. She is currently not tied to any relationships, so she is a free spirit, so to speak. And her family is looking forward to seeing her again. If only that wasn't the end of the list of good things.

To start the list of bad things off, Cynthia is being chased cross county by a group of insane vampire hunters from North Carolina. She is running out of ideas on how to feed on a regular basis once she reaches a settled home, and then there is this new little problem. On the way home to California, she runs across a girl in desperate need of help.. she thinks.

After saving Josie's life in the backwoods of no where, Cynthia seriously starts to rethink her good samaritan act. This rebellious, flaky teenager seems to be way more than a handful.... Maybe that's why the old man back there was trying to kill her to begin with??

Josie and the vampire hunters are only the tip of the hypothetical ice berg that is threatening Cynthia's sanity. Once home, Cynthia has a whole new can of worms to deal with. Not only work but feeding, family, and relationships are all starting to make her plate runneth over. If that isn't enough, the hunters have caught up with her and they are just not giving up.

If Cynthia doesn't figure out how to balance everything in her life, er, in a more productive way, she may not just lose what is near and dear to her. She may lose her life.

- Danielle

Monday, July 25, 2011

Book Trail week 8 WINNER!!

Well, since the post for week eight went up late, the winner is being announced late. BUT it is being announced!!


YAY, so we will contact you via email, you have to get back to us no later than Wednesday with your book of choice and mailing address. As soon as you get back to us, we will get your book in the mail, and you should be good to go!!!

Remember everyone, we have already put up the post for week nine on the Book Trail, so don't forget to comment there!!

Congrats again Ashley, happy reading :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Book Trail Week NINE !!!!

Wow guys can you believe it??!!? Already at nine weeks in on the trail, this is so amazing. We have some amazing steps on the blog. Christy and I are so grateful to everyone who has done so much to help us along.. oh and don't get it wrong, we are definitely patting ourselves on the back as well ;)

Here is the post for this week's entries, it is on Friday so everything is getting back on schedule. You will have until next Friday to post your comments, we will then use random.org to choose a winner. Once a winner is picked you will have until that following Sunday evening to get in touch with us with your book of choice and your mailing info. If you fail to do so then that book is forfeit and goes back on the trail for the upcoming week.!! Same rules apply as always, one entry per person, per week.

Sooo get to commenting, have fun, good luck, and happy reading!!!!

A Roman Peace in Briton by: Joe Tackett

A Roman Peace in Briton is Joe Tackett's first novel. It's a history based fiction novel.
You can purchace a copy of this book here:
Over two thousand years ago, in a vanished world in which gallant death and honor still holds sway, Gaius Julius Caesar is blitzing through Briton’s fierce, blue-painted warlords, exacting a heavy price in exchange for peace. News from Rome and word of rebellion in war-ravaged Gaul cut short Caesar’s invasion of Briton, leaving him little choice but to return to the mainland. Leaving for Gaul, Caesar entrusts a depleted legion to Cussius Caesar, and senior centurion, Marcus Rulus. With orders to further explore Briton and return to Gaul with the tribute, Marcus and Cussius find themselves in a remarkable quest to carve a future out of the land. "A Roman Peace in Briton" follows the lives of those left behind whose fates become bound to the people of the fabled, fog-bound lands of ancient Briton. Filled with dramatic scenes and abounding in fictional and historical personalities, "A Roman Peace in Briton" hooks with passionate storytelling and engulfs the reader in events of historical legend.

About the Author

Joe studied history and criminal justice at Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia, where he also worked as a police officer until leaving to study at Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. Since matriculating from law school Joe has been an associate for a large creditor's rights firm, worked in private practice as a solo-practitioner and sat the bench as a magistrate at the Court of Common Pleas. His passion for books, history, writing, and in particular, historical fiction, led him to writing book and literature reviews at joeunleashed.com. These days you will find Joe polishing the sequel to "A Roman Peace in Briton: Blood on the Stone" and practicing law on a case-by-case basis as necessity and inspiration see fit.

Dancing with his Heart by: Katherine Warwick

First of all, Thank you Mindy Janicke for letting us be a part of this tour. Dancing with his Heart is a great read that we probably never would have found without your guidance. You are a great friend hun, don't ever forget that! Don't forget about us when you are looking for bloggers for the next tour either ;)

I was honestly suprised with this novel. It is a romance novel but its not all mushy. There is a wonderful story with the romance.

Lauren, a single mother of a five year old child with autism, struggles to give her daughter everything she needs. Lauren teaches dance and is also a professional dancer. No not a pole dancer...a ballroom dancer!

Alex, an extremely rich extremely handsome man, offers to sponsor Lauren and her partner. He throws them an offer they simply can not refuse even though Lauren wanted to.

Lauren and Alex are not new aquaitances however, she has known him since junior high. She can't figure out why he would want to sponsor her since she was always under the impression that they hated each other. What she didn't realize was that even though he pulled her pigtails and called her cruel names, he secretly loved her.

Alex shows interest in Rebekah, Lauren's daughter, and at first she thinks that it's just pity. He eventually proves that he really cares about Rebekah and Lauren opens up to him. She finds that she is falling for him and falling fast but she can't admit it to him. Hell, she barely admitted it to herself.

Lauren and Alex also have to deal with someone else from their past. Someone that Lauren isn't comfortable around at all. She hasn't seen him in a long t ime but she still couldn't get over "that night". He just raises alarm in her mind no matter how hard she tries to forget or be friendly.

We have been authorized to offer ONE free ebook copy of Dancing with his heart! All you need to do is 1)Follow our blog  2)Follow us on Twitter and 3) leave a comment on this post including your VALID email address :) Pretty simple right?! Good luck everyone! Don't forget to participate in The Book Trail also!


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Ultimate Sacriice by Talia Jager

I have to say that I probably never would have found this AMAZING book had the author not requested a review for it! I'm so glad that she did! I absolutely LOVED this book. It took me two days to finish this book when it usually takes me a week to finish one. That's not to say that this is a short book because it isn't! It's just SO GOOD that I couldn't put it down! I was completely enthralled from beginning to end and I can't wait to read book 2!

Thank you so much Talia Jager for giving me to opportunity to read your book. It is truly a remarkable piece of work!

Kassie can't figure out how to control her gift. Mira is immune to it and she seems to be the only one that can calm Kassia down when her gift is getting the best o her. That is until Daxton got transferred to their school. Daxton is drawn to Kassia and he is a dreamer. He can taker her away in her mind to calm her down when her gift is surging inside her.

When Mira, Kassia's best friend, is attacked and raped in a dark alley, Kassia looses control of her gift and kills her riends' attackers. She mean to kill anyone, she didn't even know she could. Yeah, she wanted them dead for what they did to her best friend but she never meant to kill them.

Since Kassia has killed the demons know she exists. They are coming or her. They want to brainwash her and use her as a weapon to control the world. Mr. Eaton, the headmaster, sends Kassia and her friends away to hide and try to keep each other safe. Daxton went to help keep Kassia from using her gift. Noe went because she can see things before they happen. Auralee went because she can hear the thoughts of others. Zane could speak to other creatures and Mira not only helped keep Kassia from using her gift, she could also compel others to do what she wanted or to forget things she wanted forgotten.

Kassia worries that the only way to keep her friends safe from the demons is for her to die. She doesn't want to die but she is willing to do whatever it takes to keep her friends safe. After all they are the only family she has...

I won't tell what happens in the end :) you have to read the book to find out for yourself! You won't be sorry! Trust me, this book is THAT good!


Monday, July 18, 2011

Blog Fest Winner!

The winner for Blog Fest 2011 is Mellissa! Congrats! We will email the winner directly! If sufficient mailing information isn't provided within 72 hours of emailing the winner another winner will be chosen!

Book Trail week 8

Hey guys, you will have to pardon my brain cramps as of late. I have been seriously out of it. If it wasn't for Christy being on her toes I would totally be lost!! I love her soo much, you guys just don't even understand how much she means to me!!

I know that last week's winner was posted really late ( like a whole week late ) and then this past week's winner was posted late as well. Heck, if it wasn't for Christy catching it there probably still wouldn't be a winner announced lol.. sorry.

Any who, I know I usually put up the next week's Book Trail when I announce the winner of the previous one, but this week was another one for the loser books for me. So here it is now, I will be announcing this week, week 8 this coming Monday. However I will be posting for week 9 on Friday like usual so that we can get back on track.

Like I said earlier guys, I am soo sorry for being so brain dead these last few weeks. You guys should all show Christy some serious love for how amazing she is!!!

Thanks, just enter your comments below for the Book Trail, all the same rules apply, one entry per person per week, you must be a follower, and have fun!!!

Good Luck and get to commenting!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Winners have been chosen!

We have used random.org to choose the winners for the five ebook copies of In the Hands of Grace! Your books will be delivered to the email addresses you provided for us. Thanks so much to everyone who participated!

And for The Book Trail week 7, sorry we know it's late :( We've been super busy! Notice that blogfest is up and we have gained almost 50 followers this weekend! Since we are posting late this week we are going to give the winner until Tuesday to respond...sound fair? Ok so the winner is...hernameisavril@yahoo.com

Congratulations to all of our winners! Don't forget to participate in the Blogfest giveaway!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Blog Fest 2011

We are hosting a giveaway for The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove this post leaving your email address, 2) make sure you are a follower, and 3) visit as many of the other participating blogs as possible for your chance to win.

Our winner will be chosen on July 17th no later than 10pm using random.org and will be notified via email. (Hence the reason for leaving your email address in the comment!)

Here are the next five stops in this year's Blog Fest Hop!

Minding Spot
The Unread Reader
Mom vs. The Boys
My Disorganized Ramblings
My Love Affair with Books

You can find the entire blog hop list at A Journey of Books! Also, for extra entries in the SPECIAL giveaway track each blog that you hop on this Tracking List!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

In the Hands of Grace by:Dianne Greco + GIVEAWAY!

In the Hands of Grace is about a middle aged woman whose husband died and her son Chris. They are used to living in luxury. When her husband died he didn't leave her with much. She had a small home that was paid for but she lost pretty much everything else. She even had to give up her Lexus.

Susan always knew that her husband wasn't faithful, but she tried to pretend that nothing was wrong...you know...to keep up appearances.

Susan lost her job 18 months after her husband died and she was worried about what she would do next. Susan's best friend took her to a spa and there she learned that everyone knew about the affairs all along and the night of the accident he had indeed been with someone else. She was furious. When she got home she got rid of everything in the house that reminded her of him.

Susan's life changes dramatically over the next few weeks and she realizes that everything happens for a reason. She realizes that all the things she has come to love in the last few weeks never would have happened if she hadn't lost her job.

Very happy ending.

Recommended for anyone over the age of 13.

We have been authorized to offer 5 free ebook copies of this book so if you are interested leave a comment with your email address included! The lucky commenters will be chosen on Saturday July 16th using random.org.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Fifty Shades of Grey WINNERS!

The 5 winners for ebooks of Fifty Shades of Grey have been chosen using Random.org they are as follows: 1. Ellen Lynn 2. there was no name so email is mastadon.xxx@gmail.com 3. Harpeet 4. Alba and 5. RonCN. Emails will be sent to all winners shortly following this post! The ebooks will come from a publisher's email address so make sure you READ all messages from unknown addresses so you don't miss them! We hope you all enjoy the book as much as we did. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Book Trail Week 7

Hey guys, we know last week ran late, sry for that. But now we are home from vacation, and back on schedule!!! So go ahead and enter this week's book trail and have fun!!! same rules as always apply!! and make sure to check out the selection of books under the Book Trail tab on the main page!!

1. Only one entry per person per week
2. You have to respond to us by Sunday night after you are announced the winner ( if you win )
3. You may choose more than one book, ONLY if it is part of a series, but you have to pay for the additional shipping!!
Good luck and happy reading!!!

- Christy and Danielle

Book Trail Week 6 WINNER!!!

I know it's late but CONGRATS are in order for a lovely


Congrats on winning this weeks book trail. We know we are announcing in late but it is still on a Friday lol. So get back to us by Sunday evening with your book choice and your mailing address and we will get your book to you ASAP!!! Thanks for participating!!

- Christy and Danielle

Hey Guys

Hey guys, we wanted to say sorry for the delay in announcing the winners and doing the shipping on the items won, but we have been on vacation and the last couple days have been needed for recuperation. One thing we would like to say though, is if we tell you guys that we are going to be giving away something, and then we happen to run a few days late, please be patient, we stick by what we say. Also remember that almost everything we give away comes straight from us, so the entire costs fall on us. We love doing these things, but we don't like being rushed or having people be rude to us because we are running behind, you have to remember that this blog is our hobby not our life, so other things do come first. Thanks for understanding where we are coming from and we hope that you guys continue to enjoy the blog and all the awesomeness that comes along with it!!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Vampire Awareness Month!

July has been named Vampire Awareness Month, and we have been asked to write an article about our favorite TV show that includes vampires! I bet you can all guess which show we chose! Well, DUH...TRUE BLOOD! Anyways, our post will be published on July 11th on the Vampire Awareness Month website! We can't wait to see it posted for the world to enjoy! We truly had a great time writing the article for you all and we hope that you enjoy it thoroughly! There will be a post about a different vampire TV show every day for the first half of July and movies for the second half of July. We hope that you will come visit with us at Vampire Awareness Month Articles and show all these wonderful bloggers some support!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Fearful Symmetry by: Denise Verrico

CONGRATULATIONS Denise Verrico! My Fearful Symmetry is released TODAY!

This is the third book in the Immortyl Revolution series.

L&L Dreamspell Publishing of Spring, Texas has just released, My Fearful Symmetry, Book Three of the Immortyl Revolution, the third novel of the urban fantasy vampire series written by Denise Verrico. Set in 2001, India, Verrico’s s...tory introduces a new vampire hero, Cedric MacKinnon, a temple dancer in service to the Goddess Kali, who learns his beauty and speed render him a lethal weapon. As in the previous novels, My Fearful Symmetry maintains a science fiction twist on the genre, action-packed thrills and a touch of romance. This installment follows up her debut novel, Cara Mia, which introduces the characters and world of Immortyl Revolution and its sequel, Twilight of the Gods.

You can buy the book here A Fearful Symmetry

Denise Verrico will be holding a My Fearful Symmetry launch party at Fandom Fest in Lexington Kentucky on July 23 at 7pm!

For more information visit the author’s website: www.deniseverricowriter.webs.com.

2 My Fearful Symmmetry Book Cover t-shirts
2 Signed MFS posters
An Immortyl Revolution Mousepad
2 Immortyl Revolution key chains
2 ebooks of Twilight of the Gods

For this drawing, I'd like them to leave a comment at each stop that day, ending up on my own blog (where they can enter another drawing. See note below.) All winners will be announced on July 8th for the blitz drawing to give them an extra day to enter.

The merchandise drawing is for US only, but the ebooks are for anywhere.

Top prize bundle would be: 1 ebook, poster,t-shirt, key chain and the mousepad.

One1 t-shirt, one poster, one key chain and one ebook will be awarded as seperate prizes.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Across the Universe

Some very dear friends of ours, Megan Keyser and Mindy Janicke have teemed up to create a Fansite for Author Beth Revis for her series Across the Universe. These wonderful ladies have lots of fun planned for the fansite including Giveaways and a Read along of the book with discussions. Please go check out their fansite and show some love for these wonderful ladies. They have been working very hard on this and they would love to have you all drop by :)