*Please note that the contents of this page are solely the OPINIONS of the authors and the followers.*

Welcome to the Middle of the Road. This is a combined book review blog, one that is both cherished and prided over. We want everyone who comes to our page to find something of intrest to them, so when they walk away they are either satisfied or intrigued. We are both avid readers and have a passion about books that few of our other friends do. Both of us are happy to share our experiences in the book world and at times some goodies too. Enjoy your time here, and if you are anything like us, you could spend hours just wandering aimlessly through the world of books, just like a lazy afternoon down the Middle of the Road.

The Ratings System

Along with each of these Leaves, there will also be a small write up in our Parents section for each book. That way parents can get a better understanding as to what age group and what kind of content is in each one of the books we review :)

The Yellow Leaf:
This is the highest rating a book can get. If a book has received a Yellow leaf, then it is superb, a piece of literary history and treasured by either one or both of us ( probably both )

The Green leaf:
Next in line is the Green leaf. Almost as wonderful as the Yellow, but just not quite there. A Green leaf means that we loved this book, and found very little wrong with it. But it's not necessarily a book we have to have on our bookshelf.

The Purple Leaf:
This leaf means that we liked the book. We don't love it. More than likely this book was given to us for free, or we picked it up from a library. The book possibly had a very slow start, or drug a bit in the middle. We would more than likely recommend this book to read as a time killer.

The Blue Leaf:
If a book has received the Blue leaf then it is a middle of the road book. Good enough to finish, but not so great that you can't leave it behind. It has either some plot or language flaw. We would still recommend it to be read, however it's not something that would be a regret if you never experienced it.

The Orange Leaf:
Ehh, the Orange leaf represent something that was pretty much a crappy book. It probably offered one or two laughs. Had a witty phrase here or there, but not much else. It probably had a recycled plot, with nothing new or unique about it. We probably wouldn't recommend this book.

The Red Leaf:
If a book has a red leaf at the bottom, then that book was junk. I Personally know how hard it is to work on a book and to put your sweat and dedication into it. But seriously, if you are going to publish something for the world to read, give us something worth reading, not using as a door stop.