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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Book Review: First Kill

So guys here is the review I promised of the amazing Heather Brewer's new series The Slayer Chronicles. Trust me when I say this, she does not disappoint. If you enjoyed The Chronicles of Vladimir Todd AT ALL you will love this series just as much.

So usually I don't do for spoilers in my ARC reviews, and I am not going to start now. If any of you have noticed in the past, this will be a preview of how AWESOME this book is and you can come back on the release date to get the low down on exactly what I am talking about.

However, since most books I am reviewing are already part of a series I can fall back on them to add a little intrigue into what you are going to read. This book on the other hand is the VERY FIRST in a brand new series so I am going to give you a little insight into this great new adventure.

Joss is a normal boy.. well he would be if he wasn't super fast, able to catch almost any ball thrown his way, or hit the bulls eye every time he shot a bow and arrow. He would also be normal is he had at least one friend. But no, Joss has none of those, but what he does have is his little sister Cecile. Without Cecile, Joss would be the invisible boy.

When the crap hits the fan at the tender age of ten, Joss is lost in a world that doesn't see him. His mighty, very unknown Uncle Abraham has confirmed Joss's suspicions, and now Joss doesn't care that he is invisible, heck he'd rather it that way.

Being summoned well ahead of schedule has Joss thinking and rethinking his decisions, but even though he may be in for the long haul, his determination doesn't falter. A cold, hard lesson was taught to him years ago, and now he must take that lesson and put it to good use. If he doesn't he may never make it back home alive.

With suspense, violence, heart break, and determination this book makes you root for the good guy, question who is really the bad guy, and wonder who is going to really ' win' in the end. I adored book one and can NOT wait until the rest of the series is up and running. Heather Brewer has done it again with another smash hit series!!!!!
- Danielle

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Dani said...

I liked your review very much! I can't wait to read this series (once I finish the last book of the Vladimir Tod Series) :)