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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Book Review: The Iron KNIGHT

Yes, this is a review of The Iron Knight, and yes it is an ARC. Ekkkk right??!!

Before I start the review I have to let you guys in on a little secret of mine. I don't like to read the final book in a series. I buy the books, and they sit there on my shelf. I swear I hear them begging to be read every time I walk into the room, but most of the time, especially if I really really loved the book, I always find some lame excuse not to read them.

When I received the Ebook copy of The Iron Knight, my first reaction was pure excitement. I was soo elated to be getting the chance to read the final installment of a book that not many people have read yet, not to mention the end of a long anticipated story I have been dying to know the conclusion of.

My second reaction was .... errr.. I will read it later, I have other things to do. Just like always, I put the majority of the reading off for over two weeks now. But I just couldn't do it any longer. I am in love with the Fey, all of them, Iron, Summer, and Winter alike. I want to share some of my experience of this final journey with you guys.

Warning... there are NO spoilers in this, I usually don't hesitate to post spoilers, but I will NOT do that until after the actual release date of the book.. So make sure you check back in October for the low down nitty gritty on EXACTLY how swoon worthy these Fey are.

So as we all ended The Iron Queen, our hearts were broken. Not just yours and mine, but Prince Ash of the Winter court was drowning in sorrow. He had made a vow to his Queen, the love of his soulless life. He would find a way to return to her, no matter the cost to himself, and no matter how long it took. He would make it back to her arms... unless he died along the way.

For those of us out there who read Summer's Crossing we all know that luckily our to-die-for Prince is fortunately not alone. As always the amazing, wonderful.. totally tempting in a definite un young adult way, Puck, is tagging along with Ash for this journey.

My heart broke for Robin Goodfellow when his love, Meghan Chase, chose another. There were even times were I silently rooted the two of them on ( Puck and Meghan ) only to feel totally guilt ridden later when it was so obvious that Meghan and Ash truly belong together.

This final chapter of their story is amazing, it makes me want the Fey to live on and on forever. If never forgetting who they are, what their stories are, and the fact that magic does exist is what keeps these guys alive. I will be sure to pass every Fey story I come across to my children, and grandchildren, and their children. May the Nevernever, never cease.


TFrances said...

I have the same dilemma as you. I just got the ARC for this one and really want to read it, but don't want the story to end. I'm so glad it's not just me. But after reading your post, I think I really should move this up on my TBR list and get it done!

Alba said...

I looooooooved this book!~sigh~ so sad that the series is ending now! but excited for Julie's next FEY project!