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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Book Review: Wildefire

I finished this book a couple hours ago, and I have to tell you guys that Mr. Knight did an excellent job. Yes, you heard me right, I said MISTER. The author of this book is a DUDE..

It is so few and far between that we come across a guy who writes YA, and even rarer still we have one that writes GOOD YA. But a good book is definitely what Mr. Karsten Knight has done.

Honestly, I didn't know he was a guy until I got finished with the book, and saw the back flap of the book. However, all through reading, some of the words used by the teenagers really made me wonder if the author was a serious tomboy :) ( I have hung around guys my whole life, and yeah I soooo know the usual dialogue haha ) But then to my surprise it wasn't a tomboy after all, It was an actual guy.. Oh I was thrilled. ( Oh and if I do say so myself, a rather attractive guy ;) )

Anyhow, enough with my gushing over this author, now it's time to let you in on the scoop of the story.

Back when the world was new, the trees were just saplings, the ozone wasn't polluted, and the ocean was first starting to breath, there were beings who walked the planet who had extraordinary powers. Whether they did something unforgivable and were cursed to die and be reborn to a human shell every one hundred years, or if it had always been that way we may never know. But the fact remains, that these beings controlled the world we now live in.

Flash forward thousands of years to a small town in upstate New York and you meet Ashline Wilde. Adopted alongside her older sister Evelyn into a upper class white suburban family from the wilds of Central Africa, Ash is all but normal. With her Polynesian heritage forefront in her appearance, everyday in high school is grueling. Home isn't all too great either, especially since Eve took off three months ago.

The day her boyfriend cheats on her should be hard enough as a typical high school girl but turns into an utter nightmare when her anger blooms into total destruction and her sister makes a surprise visit back home. Now with one local student dead, a sister on the run, and Ashline second guessing her sanity, all she wants to do is disappear.

Reinventing herself to fly under the radar in the middle of nowhere North California, in a luxurious private school is exactly what Ash wants and does. Until flying under the radar doesn't work out the way she planned. Making captain of the school tennis team, and earning the affections of the hottest guy on campus is only a stepping stone in her getting noticed.

When another girl at school gets into a situation, and Ash, along with four other fellow students rush to her rescue, Ash learns things about herself and the others that she would have never guessed. Apparently the Old World is coming back, and they have all been summoned to this place to join forces.

If Ash doesn't learn to control what burns beneath her and within her she may lose everything all over again, but in order to control what's inside she may have to destroy a part of her that roams free. Eve.
- Danielle

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Maria said...

Great review! I've seen this around for a while now, it sounds pretty good I really should give it a try! :)