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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Our True Blood Article + Giveaway!

We absolutely LOVE  True Blood. We love it enough to pay an extra 10 bucks a month for the HBO channels ONLY during True Blood season :) We were completely thrown off at first with all the differences between the books and the show, but we have not only come to adjust to them, but also look forward to them. We get excited about what is going to happen next, and we hate having to wait an entire week to see what is going on with our favorite characters, which is almost all of them by the way!
- Danielle & Christy

So they say that the Sookie in the show is a lot different from the Sookie in the book, personality wise. What do you guys think?

D- well… I don't know about that, I mean in the books she is so kick ass, I practically devoured each and every one I got. She is a bit guarded and kind of keeps to herself r a lot of the time due to the fact that she is 'small town' and people think she is a little crazy. But she only seems that way in the beginning of the series.  Also in the first season of True Blood she comes off as kind of naive, but as the seasons progress she totally out grows that and will tell someone off in a heartbeat!!

C-I have to agree mostly. Sookie is very different in the first season than I perceived her to be in the first book. I also think that she grows with the series and has grown out of some of the “naïve” although I think that she could still be a little tougher toward some people. It seems to me that she is still soft when it comes to certain other characters while with others she has toughened up.

Do you think they should stick to the script and have Sookie and Eric eventually hook up, or do you think the flirting coming from Alicide is going to go any further??

D- well, since I am a Team Vampire type of girl, I really want them to stick to the script and have Sookie and Eric hooking up. Hell I want them to cast me and I will gladly hook up with Eric :) teehee
C-I always wanted Sookie to be with Alcide when I was reading the books, and it kind of  disappointed me when she just blew him off. He is such a good guy and Eric is just…well…an egotistical ass J

Do you think they are ever going to introduce Bubba into the show? Do you feel they should?

D- No, I don't think they are going to. If they were it would have already happened. I mean he is a pretty loved character from the books and should be on screen by now. I wish they had brought him to life, but no I don't feel they should bring him in now.
C-Um…DUH…I really want them to introduce Bubba! He was so much fun in the books! I was honestly looking forward to meeting him on screen J but I have to agree with Danielle, I think that if they were going to introduce him they would have already.

As of the last episode of True Blood, we discovered that Tara is bisexual. Did either of you see that coming?

D- absolutely NOT... OMG I was freaked.. I mean it is something that is kind of expected considering everything she has been thru, but I was like DAMN MAN, lol… It only adds to her character being so unbelievably unpredictable, and I LOVE IT.

C-I was completely dumbfounded! I never saw that one coming! I stood up and screamed at my TV “What the Heck? OMG I can’t believe that!”

We hope that if you haven’t watched True Blood or read the books you will consider starting NOW! A lot of people say that the series is just “soft core porn” and we totally see where they can get this idea but it is an amazing series. Ms. Charlaine Harris is a very talented author and we are so glad we were introduced to her books. Even more so that they made a TV series out of them J
And now for the giveaway! We are offering 2 prize packs! One prize pack is centered around vampires (Eric) and the other is centered around werewolves (Alcide). All you need to do to enter is leave us a comment telling us which you would prefer falling in love with and why! The winners will get the pack for the one they chose!


Sharon said...

oh, that's easy! Shifters all the way baby ;) The thought of a guy with an inner beast just waiting to come out...grrrrr ;)

thanks for the contest. What a great blog idea!

Karen said...

Great article! I absolutely only pay for HBO to watch True Blood. I would have to say werewolves (Alcide). I am a vampire girl at heart, but Joe Manganiello is hot. He makes me want to go the furry side.

marybelle said...

I think I would prefer to fall in love with a werewolf: awfully sexy & powerful & less of the blood stuff.


Msmissy71 said...

Going with the vamp here. Ok yeah, he would leave bite marks and taking iron pills kinda sucks but were's turn into real animals. Besides, I'm a night owl anyway *grin* And *sighs* I too admit to only paying for hbo to be able to watch TB, no matter how much it irritates me.

loves to dive said...

As a group I would have to say shifters, the whole undead part is kind of ugh. But on True Blood, Eric all the way. He is just so ummmm.
lvs2dv at gmail dot com

Krystal said...

I could go either way ;) I would love to win these prize packs, I love True Blood!!! Thank you so much for the chance. edysicecreamlover18@gmailDOTcom

janhvi said...

It is soo difficult to choose between a vampire and a werewolf!Each is unique in his own way!But for now I'm gonna choose werewolves as well and it is largely because of Joe Manganiello(Alicide);)I mean his utter rawness!*drooling*

justjanhvi at gmail dot com

melora said...

I have to say that in the interest of self-preservation, I'd go for Alcide. At least I know he isn't interested in my blood and will have a similar morals and experiences compared to vamps.

melorabrock {at} gmail {dot} com

Felicia said...

How could you not go for vampires? If it was Eric, I'd gladly go to the dark side any day! Thanks for hosting a great giveaway and awesome interview. :)


Felicia said...

how could you not go for vampires? If it were Eric, I'd gladly go to the dark side any day. Great interview and thanks for hosting a giveaway!


lindsey hutchison said...

this is soooo hard i love reading bout shifters especially the wolves. they get me with there pur alphaness and make me swoon. but if were talking true blood im all for Eric.my eyes are glued to him no matter what during the show. so book wise im wolves true blood wise im all eric baby. thanks so much for the giveaway.


SleuthGirlCrystal said...

In this instance it would be Eric, because the viking is all that and net of herrings. Normally I go wolfy, but the blonde Adonis is tops! Thanks for the article and giveway. <3

hernameisavril said...

I would prefer falling in love with a vampire. You could get bitten and live an eternity with your vampire. I do love werewolves, but the idea of living with your partner for eternity sounds good to me :)


brookea_2006 said...

I'd have to go for vampires, especially Eric! How could I turn down Eric? :P


Anonymous said...

Oh I am definitely going with Vampires! I love Eric!!


kaseykasket said...

Definitely the V team. I love old victorian things, dark romance, pale skin, black and red. And Eric is one hot viking vamp!