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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Book Review: All This and Family Too!!!

This was a book sent to us to review, and if I do say so myself it was one of the good ones. I am definitely glad we accepted it.

One of the major things I liked about this book was the fact that you can relate to Cynthia. Well, kind of :)

She is a real chick, in the real world, dealing with real problems. That is to say if vampires really existed. But other than the vampirism, I can totally see her point of view. The tag a long pain in the butt, extraordinary family members, running from a past while trying to make a new future, Cynthia is no different than a LOT of women out there.

I admired how well Cynthia dealt with everything. Although she was in WAY over her head at one point or another, she never crumbled.

Books that show the strength of women, always get a huge thumbs up from me :)

Cynthia Leach hasn't always been a vampire, but now that she is, adjusting to the life isn't exactly going so smooth. She does have a good job to go to, she is now one of the Astronomy Professors at a near by college. She is currently not tied to any relationships, so she is a free spirit, so to speak. And her family is looking forward to seeing her again. If only that wasn't the end of the list of good things.

To start the list of bad things off, Cynthia is being chased cross county by a group of insane vampire hunters from North Carolina. She is running out of ideas on how to feed on a regular basis once she reaches a settled home, and then there is this new little problem. On the way home to California, she runs across a girl in desperate need of help.. she thinks.

After saving Josie's life in the backwoods of no where, Cynthia seriously starts to rethink her good samaritan act. This rebellious, flaky teenager seems to be way more than a handful.... Maybe that's why the old man back there was trying to kill her to begin with??

Josie and the vampire hunters are only the tip of the hypothetical ice berg that is threatening Cynthia's sanity. Once home, Cynthia has a whole new can of worms to deal with. Not only work but feeding, family, and relationships are all starting to make her plate runneth over. If that isn't enough, the hunters have caught up with her and they are just not giving up.

If Cynthia doesn't figure out how to balance everything in her life, er, in a more productive way, she may not just lose what is near and dear to her. She may lose her life.

- Danielle

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Thanks for the review of this book. It's hard to find the time to do as much reading as I'd like...so your reviews are so helpful!