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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Book Review: Eternal

All I can say is Whew! I was so disappointed in the first book in this ..err series, that I did not have my hopes up about this book. I am glad that the author really did a turn around though and actually wrote a good book.

Now, given that this is the 2nd book in a series, it is a bit different. It has absolutely nothing to do with the first book. Which in a way is a marvelous thing. That way you don't have to suffer through the original text to get to here :)

This is a cute story, it's about love and sacrifice. realizing when you make a mistake. Owning up to that mistake. And when you are given a second chance, taking it for all it's worth.

Zachary is a GA ( guardian angel ) and he has followed Miranda her entire life. He was there when she took her first breath, learned to ride a bike, developed a love for theater, and adopted her pet gerbil. Somewhere along the way though he realized he didn't just care for and love her the way normal GA's do, he was in love with her.

When he saw the black mist of death start to swarm his girl, he couldn't stand it. He knew he had to stay extra close to her and protect her at all costs. When her best friend Lucy talks her into going to the cemetery to meet a boy, Zachary knows they are in serious trouble, but short of reveling himself, there is nothing he can do to stop it.

When both the girls are attached he doesn't hold back. He lets his light shine, literally. His glow from Heaven is bright enough to kill the Vampires. He tries to ward off the one after Miranda but is too late, his only chance is to at least save Lucy. He gets to her just in time.

The Archangel Micheal is none to pleased, and punishes Zachary. Of course he knows he deserves it. Not only did he fail to save his charge, but he delivered her strait into the hands of evil. Now instead of going to Heaven, she has been damned. Becoming a Fallen Angel is hard on the body, physically, emotionally, and mentally.

A little more than a year after her abduction Zachary is given a second chance, he is given a mission from The Man Upstairs. His best friend Joshua ( also a GA ) has been assigned to him. being a little vague as to the details, Josh pretty much lets him know he has to go kill the big baddie of all the vamps. Miranda is never mentioned.

Zachary gets the shock of his life when he walks in and realizes that he is now able to save what is left of Miranda's soul, she can still go to Heaven. She didn't choose to be damned, her life was taken from her. So free will is still in play. Now the biggest obstacle is to kill the master of all the vampires and free her from his clutches.

Of course there are more smaller things involved, like free all the humans, save the kingdom, don't get caught, oh and don't get anyone else killed. But who's worried, he's just a fallen angel with no powers what so ever and just his charm and wit to accompany him. No sweat, right?

Now if he can just get past this unholy attraction he has for Miranda, and she obviously has for him and focus on the mission, he just might be able to pull this off. If not they might all be damned after all.

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