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Friday, February 4, 2011

Book Review: The Iron Queen

Here is the first review on our fabulous new blog!

Christy and I have been working extremely hard these last few days to really bring things together for you guys, we hope you enjoy :)

The Iron Queen is the third book in Julie Kagawa's Iron Fey series ( if you don't count her novella Winter's Passage ). This is another one of those series where it only gets better as you get further along. Exactly how that is possible I am not even sure, the first book was amazing, but this one blew my mind :)

We start out back in the human realm on Meghan's 17th birthday, yep it's been exactly one year since this whole adventure first began. Only this time it's finally coming to an end, she is finally coming home. Or so she thinks. The new Iron King isn't letting her get away that easy, and he is pulling out all the stops, even if it means involving her human family in his destructive path to capture her.

Unable to put even more ppl she loves in danger, Meghan decides she has to travel back to the Feary and finish the job that she thought was already over. She just has to figure out how to get there first. Her and Ash have been banished due to their love for each other. She refuses to give up Ash, but she must get back. Her answer comes in the form of a summoning from the Feary courts themselves. They have decided they need her after all.

Once returned, Meghan, Ash, and Puck set out on another adventure to save the world they love. This time it will take them further into the mouth of danger, and teach them much more about the meaning of sacrifice than any of them ever wanted to learn. In the end only one thing will decide the fate of their world's, and it will be up to Meghan to choose weather she is ready to sacrifice it or not.

The Iron Queen is definitely the best in the series so far, but it is also the saddest. I was on the brink of tears throughout the last few chapters. I can not wait for the next installment, The Iron Knight, so I can finally put to rest all my fears over what has happened in this book. I absolutely loved it, and I recommend it to anyone who likes paranormal/fantasy YA books.



Christina Irelan said...

Danielle, after reading this review I am REALLY glad I bought these books today :)

Christy and Danielle said...

Soo glad you bought them as well!! I promise you are going to love them as much as did :)

Novels On The Run said...

Hi Christy and Danielle,
well done on the new blog. it's looking great and we are happy to follow your reviews and news!

As for The Iron Queen........ I LUUUURVED IT !!! The wait for The Iron King is gonna be long but well worth it in the end. Julie Kagawa has written a fantastic series that I am sure to read over and over.

Novels On The Run