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Welcome to the Middle of the Road. This is a combined book review blog, one that is both cherished and prided over. We want everyone who comes to our page to find something of intrest to them, so when they walk away they are either satisfied or intrigued. We are both avid readers and have a passion about books that few of our other friends do. Both of us are happy to share our experiences in the book world and at times some goodies too. Enjoy your time here, and if you are anything like us, you could spend hours just wandering aimlessly through the world of books, just like a lazy afternoon down the Middle of the Road.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

We recieved an Award!!!

We woke up this morning to see this in our mailbox!!!

We want to thank Kate over at Reads, Reviews, Recommends for thinking of us when giving away this Shiny Award!! We are extremely excited and PROUD at this moment! We have been hard at work each day to make this new blog into something everyone will enjoy! Thank you so much!

With winning this award, we also are going to be passing it along to some of the other blogs that we are a) familiar with and b) absolutely adore!!!

Here's what you need do if you receive this award:
  • Thank the awesome person who gave you the award
  • Post 7 random things about yourself
  • Give the award to 15 other blogs
  • Contact the blogger and let them know they have won!

Here are the 7 Random things about Us:
1. We are both Down South G.R.I.T.S ( Girls Raised In The South ) and are proud of it :)
2. Both of us a fascination with making things. I.E. with a sewing machine, on the computer... ect
3. We both own and adore our LITTLE doggies!! Bubba, Sandy and Zadist ( Christy's Chihuahuas ) and Molly ( Danielle's Rat Terrier )
4. We have children who just as much best friends with each other as we are.
5. We met while both of us were serving a Term as a Military Wife ( HOOAH... ARMY!! )
6. If we could do anything for a day to escape the responsibilities of adulthood... it would be grab some margaritas, head to the beach, lay in the sun and read ( slash scope hot guys all day tee hee )
7. At the moment we are both stay at home moms.

Here are the 15 other Stylish Bloggers we are sending this award out to!!! ( in no particular order )
1. A Simple Love of Reading
2. Paperback Dolls
3. Book Hounds
4. The Secret Writer
5. Uniquely Moi Books
6. Books For Company
7. Reader Girlz
8. Forever Young ( Adult )
9. Books, Books the Magical Fruit
10. Actin' Up With Books
11. Ellz Reads
12. Reading is Dreamy
13. i live, i laugh, i love books
14. Bookworming in the 21st Century
15. That Bookish Girl

We hope everyone is as excited as we are to receive this Award!!! Have a Happy Day!


Lucia said...

Aw... thank you so much! I already made the post... so I won't make another but I will link your blog up under the award picture! :)

The Secret Writer said...

Hi Danielle,
Thanks for calling by my blog and for the award!! It is very much appreciated. :-)

SueFitz said...

Thank you for the honor