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Monday, February 7, 2011

Book Review: The Hollow and The Haunted

These are the first two books in Jessica Verday's Hollow series... and by golly are they amazing!!

The first book, The Hollow, introduces us to Abbey. A brokenhearted teenager, who feels like she is on the brink of a mental breakdown.

Unfortunately, this broken heart doesn't stem from being jilted by a lover. This has a much more heart wrenching touch. Her best friend, and life long companion so far has died. Missing for months, and holding a fake funeral to ' get closure ' just pushes Abbey closer and closer to that edge.

Meeting Caspian was probably the best thing that could have happened to Abbey. He is smart, funny, and incredibly sexy. He makes her laugh when all she wants to do is cry, he is exactly what she needs to pull her back from the ledge of insanity.

But when Abbey finds her best friend, Kristen's, secret diaries, and they reveal that she has been keeping things from her that no best friend should. Abbey sinks even lower, and it takes more than it should for Caspian to pull her out of her depression.

Just when things start to feel right again, and Abbey thinks her heart and mind might actually mend. She learns of more secrets about ppl she cares about, and a devastating secret about the boy she has fallen in love with.

Book number two in this series, The Haunted was just as good as the first, if not better!!

Abbey comes home, she has taken some much needed time away from Sleepy Hollow. She had to get away, from everything and ... everyone. She is terrified that she will see him again. See Caspian. But in her deepest desires, that is exactly what she wants.

Being guilt tripped into working for her uncle at the ice cream shop again brings in another round of problems. unfortunately Abbey doesn't realize exactly how bad it is until it's almost too late.

Vincent is a jerk. Cocking and pushy, mean and overbearing. Everything Abbey hates in a guy, and for some reason, he is harassing her. Even though he is dating her coworker. She knows enough to just stay away from him. Even when he seems to keep finding her.

With four new strangers in town that all seem extremely odd, and Vincent haunting her waking moves. Abbey is glad she has found Caspian again, even if it means she might be slightly crazy. But his love and protection is exactly what she needs to fully heal from this year's past heart break.

Now Abbey has a new problem looming ahead of her, it may just be her time to die. But she needs to figure out why, and by who. Unfortunately or maybe fortunately she has her answers to Kristen's dark secrets. Vincent was the one behind her best friend's depression, but Abbey isn't going to let him take her there as well. Even though it seems he has a completely different plans for Abbey than what he had for Kristen.

- Danielle

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