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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Book Review: The Dark and Hollow Places

Well I am very sad to see this series end. But I am happy to see it end on a good note :)

Gabry has fallen in love with Elias. But she has to make it to the Dark City alongside Catcher, her old flame, in order to find and save a twin sister she has never met, before the horde destroys them all.

Annah has survived within the walls of the Dark City for three years without Elias. And surviving is the only way to put it, she barely eats, barely sleeps, and hides the best she can. But time is up, she can't wait any longer, she knows he's not coming back to her. She may have been in love with him, but he never loved her the same.

The gates to freedom have the longest lines in the city, both coming in and going out. The people on both sides think they are going where the grass may be greener. But as Annah is in line, waiting her turn to leave, she sees someone she never thought she'd see again, and no it isn't Elias.

Her sister, Abigail is in the City. Why she is here, or where she comes from are the questions burning inside Annah's head, but not as much as the fact that Abigail has been arrested for helping a man escape the guards, where could they have taken her?

Being beaten, and almost raped scares Annah more than anything she has ever encountered in the City so far. But being rescued by a man who walks with the dead, isn't much less frightening. Catcher has come to save Annah, for both Gabry and Elias, he doesn't bet on the fact that he is now saving her in order to save himself.

Catcher is a walker, an in between. He was infected but never turned. It is a wonderful feeling to still be alive, yet the fact that as soon as you die you will come back as the undead is a scary thought. Not to mention the fact that Catcher knows he is infected but doesn't know if he can infect anyone else, it's a terrifying thought for him.

Being lost in the City for three years without any real companionship has taught Annah to only depend on herself, but Catcher has a way of making her melt, even though she thought her heart was now ice.

I LOVED the final story here, I LOVED the fact that in the end the girl did in fact get the boy!! I LOVED this series, and I can only hope that the lovely Carrie Ryan decides to make this a four book trilogy!!

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AngieK said...

I finally read it a few days ago. I liked Annah better than Gaby & Mary. She seemed less selfish than the other protagonists. What an incredible series!