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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Iron Fey contest!!

This is my post/entry for the contest. After I am finished with my letter, I will post all the deatils at the bottom of the post so you guys can join in on this awesome contest!!

      Hey guy, how's it going? Been busy since The Iron Queen debuted? I can only imagine the fan base you have now. I mean seriously who doesn't think that a red-head, fun loving fairy, isn't just to die for?? Well I know I feel that way anyhow, not sure what to say about the rest of the girls out there, except ...their loss.
      After reading the series, I totally fell in love with the fact that you are a Hero. Go on, smile, I know I just stroked your ego. But seriously Puck, there are so many 'men' in the world who claim they are in love, but wouldn't go through half the things you have for Meghan. You sacrificed so much for her, and what did you get in return?? To watch her make out with Ice-Boy.. yeesh, how ungrateful can some girls be? 
      I'm sorry to be bringing up things that are uncomfortable, to say the least. But, I am writing this letter as part of a contest, and it told me to ask whatever burning questions I had of you, well any character from the series, but I choose you.
      Well babe, the question I want to know more than anything is, why did you wait? You were with Meghan for years, yet you never even broached the subject with her. I understand the everyday excuses, caution, fear, never the right time.. blah blah blah, but you were with her everyday, and knew her better than she even knew herself. What stopped you from telling her how you felt? I know that a smart girl like Meghan would have seen what a lot of us see in you. She would have jumped at the chance to be with you forever, but you let her fall in love with Ash.
      Now don't get me wrong, I love the fact that she is happy, well, was happy until Ash disappeared and all. But she would have never had to worry about that from you, too bad she can't see what is right in front of her eyes, eh?
      My heart broke for you Puck, over and over. I wish someone had been in the story to just shake her a little bit and make her see things differently. But now that she hasn't, and I have seen the kind of 'man' you can be, the way you can sacrifice for love, and be more devoted than I think even you realize... You can always give me a call :)
      I hope that I haven't upset you too badly, and that you have the time to reply to me. I do care how things go for you Puck, and I wish you all the best, even if it isn't with me ;)

Always one of your biggest fans,

Ok guys, now that you have read my heartfelt letter to my secret crush, Puck. It is time for you to pick a character from the amazing Iron Fey series and send them a message. The complete details are here. This link will take you to the wonderful Julie Kagawa's web page, where she has posted the contest. I hope you guys enjoy it and have fun with it. I know I have!!!

Julie Kagawa Contest

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Julie Kagawa said...

Thanks much! You've given Puck a lot to think about. ;)

Julie Kagawa