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Monday, April 11, 2011

Experiencing the WARDen

Soo this weekend I met the WARDen.. kinda :)

I drove to Cincinnati, got my ticket, waited in line, and then was swept through the signing in kind of a ' wam, bam, thank you ma'm ' sort of way!! It was intense...

But putting that aside, it was incredible. J.R.Ward looked incredible, and her smile is to die for. She was as polite as could be, despite the fact that over 800 people showed up, when they were only anticipating 500.

There was a HUGE thunderstorm about an hour before the signing was supposed to begin, it unfortunately delayed the WARDen and she ended up getting there about a quarter to 3 instead of 2. A lot of people were really restless by then, especially since some of then had gotten there at like 9 that morning, but it was well worth the wait!!

Due to the drive time and the waiting time, I was not able to stay for the question and answer portion of her visit... oh how I would have loved that. But I was in line for about an hour and they weren't even halfway through.

I did however manage some really cool pics, so make sure you guys head over here to check them out. I also met some wonderful new people there, these ladies were terrific Black Daggerhood Brother fans, and were great to converse with in the long line :)

Take care everyone!!!

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Mindy fangedmom said...


I am SO sorry to hear this. That just sucks rocks my friend. Sorry it was so rushed & you had to leave before the Q&A was over. I am so glad you got to see the awesomeness of the WARDen though! that is great!!!