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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dark Lover by:J.R. Ward

I heard so many good things about this series that I HAD to read it. Dark Lover is the first book of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J. R. Ward. This book was NOTHING like I expected it to be even after all the praise I had heard about it. The cover of the book clearly shows that this a romance novel but it has a very good story as well as all the touchy feely stuff. The vampires in this novel are not the traditional, can't eat garlic, drink from humans kind of vamps, they are toatally different but equally enthralling. 

Beth is a reporter who isn't really happy with her life as it is. She lives in a tiny appartment and doesn't OWN anything. She was an orphan growing up so she never really had much at all. Beth is really close to the police force in Caldwell. She is friends with most of them and gets first hand stories about every crime committed in Caldwell. She is aching for an adventure. She thinks that her life is lame and she wants more! What she doesn't know, she is about to get a lot more! After being nearly raped by some perv by the name of Billy Riddle she was shaken up and scared. She got home as fast as possible and bolted all the windows and doors. That didn't matter though...she couldn't stop what was coming for her.

-----All of the twists in this book are amazing! I never saw most of it coming before I actually read the words. I can't wait to start the next book! This one was so hard to put down, I know the second will be equally wonderful.

***This is strictly an ADULT book. I would not reccommend this book for anyone under the age of 18.***

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