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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Book Review: Demon Glass

First reaction.. AWESOME!!

I loved the first book in this series, Hex Hall, but Ms. Rachel Hawkins blew it out of the water with this one :)
It has everything you could ask for in a teen/YA paranormal book... the perfect book for parents to let their kids read!!!

After an intense year at Hex Hall, Sophie is soo excited for summer to begin, if only she didn't have her upcoming trip to the counsel looming over her. Other than her decision to go through the removal, life has pretty much gotten back to normal. No more demons around school, besides her. No more evil students, no more dark witches doing evil deeds. But just like everything else, all good things must come to an end, and hers comes to an abrupt stop when her father shows up.

The head of the counsel and all round winner of absentee dad of the year 17 years running, Sophie's father is just as stoic as she expected. But he is handsome enough that she can see why her mother fell for him.

She has been expecting her punishment for last years escapades to be dished out, and honestly she just wishes they would go ahead and get it over with, but of course her dad has other plans in mind. He has decided to take her to England with him for the summer. He feels she needs to get a better grip on her heritage as a demon before she really decides to go through the removal, and he wants to finally get to know her.

The trip to Thorne house isn't so bad, especially since Sophie demanded that Jenna come as well. The only thing that really hit her as unexpected was the fact that her father wanted Cal to come along as well. The reason why nearly blows her mind. Once in England Sophie is excited and nervous, she wants to try new things, maybe turn over a new leaf, but she also knows that every siting they have had of Archer has been within London.

With the meeting of two more demon children, and the raids from The Eye ramping up, her summer of relaxing and bonding with dad is quickly becoming a lost dream.

When not only she, but the rest of her family and her friends are betrayed by the ones they thought they could trust, and someone they least expected, the war comes to their front door. If Sophie makes it out of this alive, there is no telling who will still be by her side in the end.
- Danielle

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