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Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Flash of a Firefly by Amber Riley

This book was sent to me signed by the author. I had never heard of it before but since it is a book and it was free, I had to read it. LOL I'm glad I did.

The Flash of a Firefly is the debut novel by Amber Riley. With only 149 pages, this is a very short read compared to what I am used to.

The beginning of the book is very slow and I almost didn't make myself keep reading, but I am really glad that I did. It got much better once I got into the book good.

Kaden is a vampire who has been living among humans. He owns a nightclub called the Amaryllis. Kaden hasn't bitten anyone in centuries, he lives off of blood from the blood bank.

The "head" vampire, Pheonix, wants Kaden to come to Spain and live as the "prince" of the vampires but Kaden doesn't want to live that lifestyle again. He was lucky to have escaped from Pheonix the first time. Pheonix sends "muscle" to convince Kaden to come back so there is a fight in the end.

Kaden also learns that one of his employees, Max, is part of the Iustitia (vampiere hunters). Max was sent to get Kaden as well but not to kill him. The Iustatia sent Max because they say that Rome is infested with rogue vampires so they need Kaden's help gaining control of the situation.

Kaden falls in love with a human, Lyn, but refuses to admit it throughout most of the book. He has to protect her from his enemies so he has to tell her the truth about what he is. His plan is to have her memories of him and his kind erased before taking her home after he knows that she is safe again. The end is not your typical happily ever after love story romance ending!

*This is a YA novel. Suitable for anyone over the age of thirteen*


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