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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Unearthly by:Cynthia Hand

Unearthly is a very good read! I picked it up at Books A Million just because the back of the book was intriguing and I really liked the cover *teehee*.

This one about Angel-Bloods. Beings that are not full Angel and not full human. Clara is the main character and she is 1/4 angel.

Clara's mother says that every angel is put on earth for a reason. Every angel has a purpose. Something that they are put on earth to do, their destiny. Clara receives her purpose through visions, though she can't understand what she is supposed to do. Her mother moves the entire family from California to Wyoming because Clara sees a Wyoming license plate in her vision. At first her brother is upset and it takes a while for them to get used to the change in surroundings but they manage.

Clara still doesn't know exactly what her purpose is but she knows who it involves, Christian. She finds Christian at school and everyone thinks that she is just obsessed over him.

Christian and all of Clara's friends leave town for the summer and she is forced to spend time with another guy, Tucker. She ends up falling in love with Tucker and breaks the one rule that her mother gave her about being an Angel-Blood, she told a human what she was. After falling in love with Tucker she becomes even more confused about her purpose.

Clara and her mother end up in a battle with a Black Wing (fallen angel) and things don't happen anything like her visions portrayed them to happen. She thinks that she has failed. She thinks that she didn't fulfill her purpose. She finds out the Christian is a lot more than she ever thought he could be but she still doesn't understand her purpose.

**I absolutely loved this book! It kept me on the edge of my seat. I really hope that the next one comes out soon because I know that it can't end like that! LOL Sorry no more spoilers.

Unearthly is a YA read. I would recommend it for anyone over the age of 13.



midnight dreamer said...

the book sounds very good baby. i know you can't wait for the next one. keep up the good work baby and try not to spoil the book to much lol

Shadow kissed said...

omg i no how amazing is this book!!!! its totally sux how the next one dosnt come out till January 2012 :( cant wait a whole year! hahaha