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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Update: Carrie Ryan Book Signing

........ AMAZING!!!

Today I drove my daughter and my happy self 4 hours to Cincinnati Ohio. We had one purpose in mind, to see Carrie Ryan, author of The Forest of Hands and Teeth series.

Now mind you, I wasn't expecting too much really, just go down there, wait in line, she sign our books, take a photo or two, and then be one our way home. But no, Mrs. Carrie Ryan totally blew me away today.

Not only did we get a short version history on the hows and whys she became and author. She also introduced us to her intense fascination with zombies, and why they really mean a lot to her... BTW moms be careful what your babysitters are letting your kiddos watch on the tele :)

When she first started writing Carrie Ryan had a plan, she even named it, The Ten Year Plan... kinda catchy huh? My first thought of the name... I swear it sounds like a diet I have tried :) The only difference in that diet and Carrie's Plan, hers paid off, and in a humongous way.

Not only did she hit the mark and make New York's Best Sellers list with The Forest of Hands and Teeth, but she did it two more times within just a few years with the companion to her first novel, The Dead-Tossed Waves and it's sequel ( the third in the trilogy ) The Dark and Hollow Places. So this Plan was like no diet I have ever tried, and a huge success for her. Definitely one I am thinking about trying on my own.

If you guys haven't read any of her books yet, GO OUT AND READ THEM... NOW!! :)
If you can't buy them, borrow them, beg for them, plead for them.. they are worth it ( I'm pretty sure your local library will have at least the first two )

Now for a pretty cool surprise, I have some Carrie Ryan, Forest of Hands of Teeth series Post Cards and a couple buttons to give to you guys!! Signed by the lovely lady herself!!

All you have to do is leave me a comment letting me know what you think of the series, even if you haven't read it. Do you think you will love it as much as others out there ( namely me haha ). The first two people to comment get the buttons, since I only have two to give away, but I have 3 postcards. So the lucky person getting the third card will get a cool piece of Middle of the Road swag to go along with theirs :)


lalibrarybug said...

*drooling* My students LOVE her books! Have you ever watched the original trailer for The Forest of Hands and Teeth...scared me. Really!!!

Cath said...

I have these on my 'to read' list, they sound amazing =]
I'm a little past the young adult age (35!!!!!) but its my favorite genre right now!!!

Christy and Danielle said...

@lalibrarybug.. yes ma'm I saw that trailer.. it was about as creepy as book trailers can get.. which was GREAT!!!
@cath.. I am soo glad they are on your to be read list, they are worth the time it takes to sit and enjoy them!! and don't worry hun about your age :) we blog YA books cuz we love them.. def not cuz we are YA ourselves ( im 27 )

Christy and Danielle said...

oh and Lilibrarybug, make sure u sent us your email, so we can get your goodies out to you :)

Anonymous said...

She was fantastic! It was nice to meet you yesterday (I sat next to you guys). Happy to have found your blog. I look forward to reading more.


Christy and Danielle said...

Hey!! I am soo glad u found us as well :) It was wonderful meeting you this weekend. lol you make the 3rd person who has commented under this post so I guess I can send you the signed post card, but you already have one lol.. i will send you some swag from our blog if you'd like just give us a place to mail it :) you can email it to us, the email is at the bottom of the page!!