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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Book Review: Dark Mirror

This is a great YA read.

Tory grew up just about as privileged as one can get, her parents were the most known and respected pair in all of her English countryside, until it is revealed that Tory possess evil within her. Tory has magic running through her blood, since magic runs in families Tory knows she received it from her mother.

Being sent away to Lackland Abbey seems like the end of the world for Tory. She has to leave everything she knows behind, given almost everyone she knows and cares about has disowned her. No one wants to be associated with a mage, unless the mage is working for them. No one of worth is related to a mage.

Once at the abbey, her new roommate and many of the other students at the abbey aren't exactly the friendliest. Even though families send their children to the abbey for one reason only, to be cured of their wickedness, that doesn't mean they all want to go about it the same way.

Luckily Tory is friendly enough to get along, despite her rotten roommate. But when she learns that not all the students really want to get rid of their magic, she becomes tempted. Some of these students embrace their inner mage, and want to use it for the better.

When a raid almost destroys everything she is building at the abbey, Tory manages to flee through a dark mirror that places her in another time period. It may actually be her same England, but it is nothing like the one she knows. If it wasn't for Nick, Tory might not have made it through her small trip.

When threats that can't be prevented bring not only Tory, but her counterparts in magical abilities back through the mirror, Tory and her friends must find not only the strength but also the courage to do things they have only spoke about before.

As things begin to get better by the day, Tory can't help but fall in love. The handsome Allarde catches Tory's heart, but it may be a short lived love match. Allarde has foretelling abilities, and he may just not make it back to thier world.

Excellent read, and I can't wait for the sequel this coming fall!!


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