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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Book Review: Hunger

So guys I did it :)
I finally finished a book, haha. I know I have been behind, and I have been relying on the amazing Christy to keep this blog up and going, ( thank goodness she is so talented ) but I have been uber busy with school and the family.

Anyhow, I picked this book up about week ago, and yes, unfortunately it has taken me this long to read a 176 page book. The good news is, it didn't take me that long because the book was bad, it took me that long because I suck sometimes haha.

Hunger appealed to me at first by the cover design, I LOVED it. The when I read the synopsis, I was hooked. I am incredibly interested in psychology, especially teenage psych. This book is both a fictional novel made to target YA fans, and also a way to reach out to someone you may know who has an eating disorder.

Lisa is not anorexic, she's just fat and seriously needs to lose weight. At least that's what the Thin voice is constantly telling her. And unfortunately Lisa knows it's the truth, she is fat. But never fear, she will lose every bit of that weight. She counts every minuscule calorie, and exercises off every single one she eats. At least she's not like Tammy. Tammy is bulimic, Lisa can't make herself throw up, but she wishes she had the kind of self control Tammy had. Without having to throw up.

Life is terrible, her best friend accused her of being anorexic, she's not, she is just fat and on a diet. Her boyfriend said something dumb and they got into a huge fight. Lisa's mom is completely out of the picture, what with a new cause to run off to each week. And her dad, well her dad loves her and is always there, but he's still her dad, and would never understand.

The night she finally gives up on everything, death comes to her door. But not in the way Lisa ever thought she would experience, heck she doesn't even understand what has happened. She sort of remembers a man in a robe, kind of remembers him giving her a package and telling her she is now Famine, the Black rider of the Apocalypse. But it's all such a haze it had to have been an insane dream.. right?

Learning to love yourself, forgive yourself, and live again is never easy. Especially when everything you believe is the opposite of good. But when it's not just you that you are living for, things sometimes take on a different outlook, and decisions becoime easier to make.

I adored this book, the way it showed the struggle of what one girl went through, but didn't bog the story down with lectures and facts of how eating disorders are bad. This book took the weaknesses of one girl and turned them into strengths she never knew she had. I recommend it for every teenager and every parent out there!!! Keep an eye open for the next book that just came out, Rage, about self mutilation.

* a portion of the proceeds of this book go to the National Eating Disorders Association

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