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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Book Review: Spells

Spells is the sequel to Wings by Aprilynne Pike... and very bit just as good as the first book.

I like the way Laurel has struggles that she faces and is strong enough to face them on her own, but smart enough to ask for help when she knows she is in over her head. I didn't really like how wishy washy she was with Tam the entire time, but in the end she corrected her misdoings. I am forever going to be angry at the way the book ended :) Such a cliffhanger is just not fair.

Laurel has come to terms with the fact that she is a fairy. Not one with wings who carries around pixie dust, but a true fairy. Each season she blooms and she is getting more and more used to feeling like she is special.

David is her rock, especially because her mother seems to want nothing to do with her, and because her nightmares of last year's fiasco still haunt her. But when not only David and her are put into danger, but all of the people she cares about, David begins to rely on another source for a little extra help, and Laurel just can't seem to make herself go along with the plan.

Tam has stepped up his game when it comes to Laurel. He doesn't just flirt openly anymore, he has now pronounced his love for her. As much as Laurel cares for Tam, she has decided that she loves David, and her human life too much at the moment. She doesn't want to give Tam up, but she is going to have to, or else she may lose everything that is holding her her human life.

Avalon is just as beautiful as ever, but strange things are noticed when Laurel attends a carnival there, for one, she is the only fall fairy not in bloom. Technically she has already bloomed that fall and she is out of season, but that was in the human world. She doesn't understand why she is not still in bloom like the rest of the fall fairies.

I love this book, and I am going to pick up book three, Illusions, this week!!!


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Shelby said...

Great Review Danielle!!! Wow, I really need to read the first book! Sounds like a great series!!