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Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday 13th GIVEAWAY!

Friday 13th is only a cursed day if you make it one! We are not going to do that! We are going to make it an AWESOME day for one of you! All you have to do is comment and we will use random.org to choose who will recieve a Middle of the Road fan pack! Be sure to leave us an email address or the name you are following us with!


Michelle Bledsoe said...

I love Friday 13th. I am not supersticious(?) person. I just like to watch everyone who is. I like to see what kind of rituals and things they do for the day. I know I am weird. LOL

koonie2888 at yahoo dot com

Mindy fangedmom said...

I am very supersticious and had a CRAPPY Friday the 13th only because I still have no internet on my phone! UGH!!!! Stayed home with a sick son today & now I am getting it. Yes, it is cursed! hahaha not really because 13 is my favorite number! I am so conflicted! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

Bella said...

Friday the 13th? Not scared, unless we're talking about that old movie series. You can have plenty of bad luck on any day of the week! lol

Thanks for the giveaway chance!

BellaMarie @ tampabay . rr . com

Deena said...

Friday the 13th went swimmingly today! I met you on fb... I'd call that GOOD fortune! :D
Deena Remiel

Debbie said...

LOL Deena. Saw you on Deena's FB page. The 13th has been great here finished Shadowdellers by Jaquelyn Frank and now starting Midnight Breed series. So for me friday the 13 has been great

Christy and Danielle said...

Well Deena, Random.org and Middle of the Road just made your day a little bit better! You are our winner! Just reply to our email with your mailing information!

Thanks everyone for participating!

Megan said...

Friday the 13th wasn't so bad for me but my hubby had an awful morning! First he missed getting the kids on the bus and had to take them to school then our eldest was late for school and then the youngest had a potty accident- all before noon today. It was not hubby's day. I follow with GFC!

AmethystDaydreams at zoho dot com

Cath said...

As my Friday The 13th couldn't possibly get any worse it can only get better, I think I have a shot at this one!!!!


mbreakfield said...

Friday the 13th is usually a lucky day for me.