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Friday, June 24, 2011

150 Follower GIVEAWAY

So guys we made it. 150 followers, wow. Thank you to everyone who is a part of this blog, and everyone who has helped us to make it this far. We are doing something we love, and we hope that you guys enjoy what we put out there!!

For the giveaway, we have been announcing over the past few weeks that we will be giving away an EREADER. And that is exactly what we are going to do!!

We will be giving away an Ereader, but that's not all. This particular reader has an MP3 function on it :) Sooo, you guys get the Ereader, we are going to load it with 100.. yes that is ONE HUNDRED Ebooks, as well as 50 music files :)

We will ask the winner what is their preference in music is before we load it, that way they get stuff they like :)

We LOVE doing things like this, and we hope you guys love it too!!

Now on to the rules. Actually there are no rules for you guys to follow, haha. Just by following the blog you entered to win the reader!!! Yep, that's right you guys were entered to win the minute you decided to follow our blog :)

Soooo, now that we have gone to random.org and have had a winner generated ....

Oh, one more quick thing :) if you are announced as the winner, you will have 3 days to get back to us with your information. If by the third day you have not gotten back to us for whatever reason, you will have forfeited your winnings and the next person up will receive the reader.. We will do this 3 times. If by the third time no one has claimed the prize we are going to withdraw the giveaway and hold it again at another time. I know this sounds snotty in a way, but we do have to keep things organized.

So now to announce the winner... Congrats go to .....

Jolene and Family

Thank you everyone who has become a follower and make sure to always check back in, you never know when we are going to do random out of the blue giveaways, and plus our weekly drawings for the Book Trail!!
-Christy and Danielle