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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Book Review: The Warlock

This is book five of the series. If you haven't picked up book 1 yet.. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??!!?? Haha, I love these books, but imagine my surprise when I thought this was the last one, but get to the end and it's like OMG it CAN NOT end that way!! Luckily next summer the final book comes out.. Whew!

Nicholas and Pernelle are dying. Without the Codex their fate is sealed. Josh and Sophie are lost to each other, which breaks both their hearts. The only thing that is really standing between them are the forces of good and evil.. they just can't seem to figure out who is who.

The twins of destiny have a full plate and the problems don't stop, every time they seem to get one step ahead, they feel like they are falling 2 steps back. With Dr. Dee wanting to overthrow the Dark Elders, and Ms. Dare wanting to rule the worlds, it is only a matter of time before someone self destructs.

The old ways are disappearing, and half of the team seems to be thankful for that. The other half of the team wants nothing more than to destroy the world as we know it and conquer all. Sophie wants to save her brother, she just can't figure out how. Josh is completely confused as to what to do, he is not an evil person, yet evil seems to follow in his wake, or maybe the wake of those he surrounds himself with.

When the twins are finally reunited, it is through a battle, and then they are taken into the distant past and come face to face with family which gives them a surprise of a lifetime. Everything will change now, it is just a question of which team will come out the victor.

The most infuriating thing a book can do is leave you with an intense cliff hanger. That is exactly what this book did. Luckily the book itself was good enough that it made up for that small defect by giving me more of the story than I had.


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