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Friday, June 17, 2011

Book Review: Sea Change

I'm going to start this review off but telling you guys that I have always secretly wished I was a mermaid :) As long as I can remember I have loved the water, and wanted to have fins. I wanted friends like Flounder and as I got older wanted to meet some really hott merman and have a happy little mermaid family.

But alas, I am cursed with this darned appendages called legs, lol. But it's actually turning out pretty good here on the land, so I won't complain too much.

Now on to the review. I initially picked this book up because well I love mermaid stories. I was intrigued by the cover and what I read about the book so far definitely peeked my interest. Unfortunately I think I would have enjoyed it more if I was younger, and maybe still understood the inner workings of a teenage mind. The biggest complaint I have is the anticlimactic ending. I felt as if I was left on the edge with nothing to hold on to. I really hope there is a sequel.

Miranda Merchant is a science geek, and the daughter of two other science geeks. Well, her parents aren't really geeks.. anymore, they are really well off surgeons. Still, Miranda is different from the average teenage girl, mainly because she isn't just good at science, she LOVES it.

When a grandmother that Miranda had never met dies, she and her mother are left with a huge inheritance. Her mother's childhood summer home on Selkie Island. Their roots may have come from the south, but Miranda is definitely a northern girl now, she has never wanted to leave New York.

On the trip to the island, Miranda is given a short story about the ' creatures' who inhabit the island. Both in the water and on land. Of course she waves it off as a tourist trap and thinks that this is going to be a crappy summer. Until she sees her mom on the docks waiting for her, and realizes the sun and salt air has already begun to transform her into a whole other person.

With the only other teenagers on the island being ripped strait from teen vogue magazine, Miranda feels as if she is doomed for the entire time she is here, until she runs into Leo one evening on Siren Beach. All of a sudden things change for her, and she doesn't know if all the tall tales she has heard since she stepped foot on the island are real or not. But then again, does she even care?


rhonda said...

hmmmm, i know you said this was kinda Teenagerie but it sounds good. I want to read it. lol Maybe you just made it sound better than what it is? Well either way I will ad it to my must reads!

Christy and Danielle said...

Hey girl, I loved reading this book. I mean the feel of it was good. And I liked the love story it had. Oh and the suspense was great, but it surrounded a tenage girl who was friends with with local teen ' popular crowd ' haha ... that is what mainly turned me off... It was good enough to keep me turning the pages, but I think the over all disappointment came from teh very end when the book pretty much just stopped.. lol then ending was an ending but it wasnt a satisfactory one ya know. it left me feeling empty lol if ya get me :)