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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Book Review: Cryer's Cross

Just finished up Cryer's Cross last night. This is from the same author of the Fade, Wake, Gone trilogy ( in case you guys didn't know :) )

Anyhow, I loved how the book was written in third person form, it was so interesting to see things from outside the box. I got a bit confused at times about the passage of time, at one point I thought more time had passed, then came to find out it had only been like a month. Also at the end of the book, when the ' boggy man ' is revealed, I kind of felt cheated. I had built up this big imaginary monster in my mind, but was let down in the end. Other than that the story was great, the characters were amazing, I loved the fact that Ms. McMann gave such strength to an illness such as OCD.

Kendall has had a few problems her whole life, the main one being her OCD. Seeing her shrink has helping tremendously, but there are things she still has to do everyday to get by. Like show up first at school to straited the desks and make sure the classroom is clean.

Ever since Tiffany disappeared the entire town has been a bit on edge, and that includes Kendall. She has spent the entire summer working the plows and tractors on her farm, daydreaming about what actually happened to Tiffany, and if she is ever going to return. Even though everyone knows it's never going to happen.

The first day back at school isn't exactly the easiest, but it's not necessarily harder than any other day. Kendall has Nico, her best friend, and if you asked him, her boy friend. They have known each other since they were babies, and do everything together. He knows about her OCD, he understands it, and he still loves her.

There are two new students this year, one junior and one sophomore. Of course the Junior is another guy. She is the only girl her age in the entire town.

After making it through the first day of school unscathed, Nico begins to act different. He seems spacey, distant. Of course Kendall's OCD has her worried that he is angry with her for some reason, especially when he begins to avoid her, and only give her vague answers when she asks what is wrong.

Then Nico disappears.. just like Tiffany.

Kendall's life couldn't have been more destroyed. Her one rock in the world is now gone. She feels like she is afloat with no lighthouse to shine her way back home. Days go by without any luck locating him, and then days tune into weeks. Everyone knows he is gone just like Tiffany. Some even suspect he did something to Tiffany and then ran away, others think they planned the disappearances and ran away together. Kendall knows better.

It's only the warm of Jacian that helps Kendall start to feel again. But when Kendall allows herself to sit at Nico's desk, she starts to hear him calling to her, she can feel his pull. If she doesn't figure out how to overcome her grief and move on, Kendall may be lost to everyone as well. Whatever or whoever that claimed both Tiffany and Nico has now come for Kendall.

I liked this book, but it's not a favorite. I would recommend it to ages 12 and up. It's a good suspense paranormal YA read.

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