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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Note about Review Requests

ok guys soooo...
We have been receiving quite a few requests lately to review books. It's something we absolutely LOVE... but...

There are some ground rules we need to lay down before this gets way out of hand. As much as we love to read a book and post a review and even an interview at times, we have to remember the whole reason we started this blog. It was because we want to share our personal experiences of books with all of you.

Unfortunately as of late we aren't able to sort as much pleasure from the books from the 'work' we are being given. Now that's not to say that the books we are given to review aren't good to read, it's just that we aren't being able to choose for ourselves what we are reading, it feels more like we are being given assignments.

So from now on we are going to make some adjustments to the way we review books that are sent to us, and we want to apologize in advance if it causes any inconvenience to anyone.

The first thing we are going to do is limit the amount of review/interviews we are doing from outside sources to once every two weeks. So when you submit your request for the review/interview you MUST give us a date that you want it posted. We will then send you an email letting you know if that date works for us, or if not we will give you the dates that will be available on our blog. At the moment we have about ten lined up and it is a bit overwhelming, especially considering we DO have other things occupying large amounts of our time. The second thing we are doing is guaranteeing a spot to open ended dates. That's to say if you want a review/interview done but are not picky about the date it is posted then it WILL get done!!

Now when you send us your requests we are going to do it first come first serve.. for the most part...

If we find your book especially intriguing, if you really sell it to us, you just may get bumped up on the list. Now we know this seems a bit unfair, but we started this blog out of the love for books, and that is exactly how we are going to continue it. We want to love the books we post about, and we want you guys to love them as well!!

Like I said before we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but we beg you to understand where we are coming from and to understand that we do this out of our passion for reading!

Danielle and Christy

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rhonda said...

I feel you on that! I totally agree with what you said, "you must love the books" it is so hard to finish a book if you are not into it. I`m sure your dedicated followers will understand. You do a great job!