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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Book Review: Die for me

This was a great introduction into the series, I would have preferred a little bit more action or maybe a little bit higher body count.. teehee.. but overall it was satisfactory within the YA realm :)

Kate's life has never meant less to her. With the death of her parents still clutching at her heart, and the recent move to the city of Paris, Kate can't pull herself out of the ice cold depression she has encased herself in. Her sister Georgia is just as depressed as she is, but her idea of mourning means to go out to as many parties as she can and dance away her sorrows. If only Kate had the energy to do that.

Burying herself in her summer reading list for the upcoming school year brings her to a local cafe. It's at this cafe where she first sees Vincent. Besides being the most breathtakingly beautiful boy.. er man she has ever laid eyes on, he is also dangerous looking. Before the death of her parents Kate would never have given him a second thought, but now... now she can't seem to stop thinking about him.

Once Vincent is secured in Kate's life, she can't help but to question things about him. Why he is so secretive, and how he always manages to evade questions about himself. Then while doing research at the library she comes across an old news article. It features a picture of a beautiful young man that died in a fire, almost 40 years ago.

All of a sudden Kate seems to be thrust into the middle of a paranormal universe. Within the universe there is a battle of good and evil. She knows she is on the side of good, but now she finds out her sister may not be so lucky, and the only way to save her may just be by sacrificing herself.

I loved the way the characters are described, and the way the descriptions of the surroundings make them town come to life. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone 14 and older :)

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April X said...

Great review :) I've been hoping to read this book soon, it sounds like it's really good!