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Monday, June 6, 2011

Book Review: Personal Demons

So we've all got them, personal demons... Unfortunately non of ours are nearly as HOTT as Frannie's!!

I haven't fallen this hard for a book in a LOOOONG time, it completely had me hooked, I started it yesterday morning and I finished it this morning ( taking time out to get a good nite's sleep of course ). I haven't been able to eat a book up like that since I started school back up, I have just been too busy. But Personal Demons was just too good to put down!!

Frannie has been carrying around a weight on her shoulder's for years now, a weight that she can never forgive herself for. But there are things about Frannie she doesn't know yet, and forgiving herself may be the only way to fix everything.

Luc starting high school all over again is completely ridiculous, the only reason he is even attempting to play at this mortal existence is the fact that his target is in this school somewhere and unfortunately no other lower demon has been able to track her. Then Luc meets Frannie... and everything starts to go to hell, literally and figuratively.

Gabe wants nothing more but to protect Frannie from Hell, and to tag her soul for Heaven. He can't do that without Frannie's cooperation, and she is unwillingly not cooperating! Until she forgives herself she can't be tagged, after all forgiveness really is the key to everything.

A mortal with a rare but powerful ability has the chance to change the world for the better. First she has to realize what and who she is, and then come to terms with the fact that she is falling in love, even though she doesn't believe in love... and that the person or persons she is falling in love with may not necessarily be what they seem.

I could probably rant about this book for hours, but I don't want to sound like some weird person ;) However, I will say that I LOVE this book and can't wait for the next in the series from the lovely Lisa Derochers.. Original Sin.



Shelby said...

Sounds AWESOME!!!!

Anonymous said...

Frickin AWESOME review hun! I can't wait to read this one! It's gonna be a little while though since I have 3 to read for tours and you have my copy of this one ;) LOL ILY girl and this by far one of your best reviews!