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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Book Review: A Touch Mortal

Ok, so here is my review on A Touch Mortal... I was going to post it yesterday but decided I would wait until today... I get to meet the Author of this AMAZING book today, so what better reason to wait?

First off, I want to say I loved the book, it was completely out of the realm of what I normally expect from a paranormal story... i.e. there are no vamps, weres, fey, or anything else of that nature, yet it is still very much in my favorite genre :)

Secondly, I read this story via my android on the Kindle application, and I was so into it that when I turned the page and all of a sudden it said EPILOGUE ... I literally screamed!! I can not believe it ended when it did, but it makes a perfect opening for a sequel!! I just wanted MORE right then and there :)

Eden is depressed. Her friends are angry with her, her mother acts like she doesn't exist half the time, and it's almost the end of summer. Yeah, she is bummed. She's thought of killing herself before, but usually she pushes the thoughts away, not tonight. Tonight Eden let's them in, she really considers what life would be like if she wasn't here anymore.

Az is full of cheesy pick up lines, and Eden is soo turned off that she can't help but laugh at him. Before she realizes that she is actually kind of flattered by him. Az is exactly what she needs to not kill herself, and she has no idea how much he needs her to keep himself from falling as well.

Az has a history of losing his girlfriends. Not just letting them go, or them dumping him, but losing them in terrible ways. Gabe wants to make sure this isn't going to happen again before Az gets too involved. Unfortunately he is too late, Az has already fallen in love. Even worse Eden is pre doomed, just like the rest of Az's girls, only she doesn't know it yet.

The night Az reveals himself to her is terrifying for him, he just knows she will leave him, never love him again. But it doesn't happen that way, Eden loves him no matter what. Then the unthinkable happens, and Eden is left alone and more depressed than she was before she met the guys. With nothing else to do and no where to go, she finalizes her plans and decides the world is better without her.

When Eden wakes up in unfamiliar territory with a party going on downstairs, confused isn't the word for it. Scraping together what little sanity she has, she makes her entrance into a world where she is the most powerful person alive.. sort of. Only she doesn't know any of this, and to her it's all too scary, and sick, and sad to deal with, she just wants Az back.

Learning who your true enemies are, saving the ones who love you, and the ones you love become the choices Eden has to make. But making the right choices and keeping everyone she loves safe is not going to be easy, and she isn't sure she will be able to succeed at all.

I LOVED this book!! and can NOT wait for the next installment of this planned trilogy!!


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