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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Book Review: Summer's Crossing

Sooo, Ms. Julie Kagawa brought us another tid bit in her amazing Iron Fey series. Summer's Crossing is book 3.5, and it is told from Puck's point of view ( my secret love ).

It isn't a full book :( , but a small novella. That doesn't matter in the least though, it is still absolutely amazing!!

Puck and Prince Ash are now in the mortal realm, searching for Grimalkin, he is really their only chance of getting back to Meghan. Unfortunately, whenever you are needing to get something doe quick, something else always happens to postpone your plans. And today is no exception.

Saving Meghan in the past has not always been the easiest of tasks, and in order to get it done, Prince Ash decided to make a deal with Leanansidhe, the Queen of the exiles. Of course today is the day she decides to cash in on her favor.

When it comes to fey bargains there is no such things as a ' small' favor, no, when one is asked to do something it usually ends up with a beating, maiming, and occasionally death. That is why Puck is so blown away at the fact that Ice- Boy Prince Ash ever made the deal in the first place.

Going back into the Summer court wouldn't be so bad for Goodfellow, I mean it is his home after all, and his King would take him back.. A small punishment might ensue, but nothing he couldn't live with. However getting the Prince of the Ice world into the Summer court is a whole other ballgame, lucky for him, Goodfellow is the best trickster in the land.

I loved this little novella, and I am dying for The Iron Knight to come out!! Julie Kagawa has out done herself with this series!!


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