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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Book Review: Marked: A Bitten Twice Novel

The first thing I want to say is WOW.. This book was a great pick me up read :)

The next thing I am going to do is.. well tell you about it DUH!!

I loved the paranormal aspect of the book, but the best part about it is the unusual twist it brings to paranormal. A lot of PN books these days are basically all the same, either a werewolf, vampire, fairy, ect.. You get my point. But this book brings in a new group and with them come the oh so HOTT King of Cats!!

King Xor mated with a woman of the People, not one of his Pride. He did this for a few reasons but mainly because of the prophecy. Her being the one who will bring into the world the three who will maintain the balance of peace.

Mother Ova sacrificed her life for the love of her King, the love of her young, and the belief and knowledge that she was indeed doing what was right. When the young were born, they were immediately taken to the Pride where King Xor announced Sharizar his Other on the throne and charged her with making sure the babies survived and grew to be strong.

Flash forward centuries, and now King Xan rules the Pride. The King of Cats with his two sisters, Ari and Ova, named for her mother, by his side, have made their place in the world as peaceful as possible.

When a routine trip to New York City suddenly turns into a fight for their lives for the ones left back home in Africa, Xan and the rest of the Knights of Templar take charge. Demon activity is a definite, but who or what demon it is remains unknown. Worst still is no one knows exactly what the demon is after.

Meeting Catherine could be the very death of King Xan. He has an attraction to her beyond anything he has ever felt. She in turn has fallen for him as well, but is scared of his world. Ari has also fallen in love, but with her brother's long time foe slash friend. Last but not least Ova has found a mate as well, the personal body guard of her brother the King.

With all the love in the air, emotions run high and minds may not be as clear to understand the dangers and threats as they should be. In the end it comes down to how far love can withstand, and how strong the King of Lions really is.

I would really REALLY love to hear more of this story. More of Ari's story def!! I hope there is a sequel, there were so many unanswered questions in this book, it is killing me to think of what could happen next!!

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