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Friday, June 3, 2011

Swag Contest!!

Hey guys!! So I have a bunch of SWAG here and I want to give it away to THREE lucky winners :) the contest will be going on for ONE week, and there are only 2 requirements :)

1. You have to be a follower of at least one of our pages... either here, FB, Twitter or Goodreads
2. You need to find the differences between these 2 pictures :) ( you can save them to your computer to make the images larger if needed )

There are only 4 differences, one for each person in the pic... I tried to make it fairly easy :) Once you find the differences comment below with your name and the saying " I FOUND THEM " only DO NOT put the answers on this page, it will be deleted and you will be disqualified... sry but that's how it goes.

Next Friday I will go through the names, and use random.org to pick three winners, once announced they will have 48 hours to respond to us with the correct answers. I for some reason they don't have the right answers then I will go on to the next person. If you would like to go ahead and have your answers submitted ahead of time without having to wait in case you are announced you can inbox us via either Twitter, email, or FB!!

I hope everyone enjoys this contest and has fun!

Here is a picture of what you will win once the contest is over :) The Swag Pack includes, bookmarks, buttons, stickers, and temporary tattoos !!! I LOVE IT


Shelby said...

Shelby Rodewald...I FOUND THEM!!! AWESOME SWAG!

Michelle Bledsoe said...

I FOUND THEM.I love spotting the differences. I am such a kid..lol. I have two swag boards so far and need more...

Cath said...



Anonymous said...

Sorry we accidentally deleted this comment instead of posting...damn touch screen phones...LOL anyways here it is.

Athena:found them!...lol

Again, we appoligize Athena.

rhonda said...

I found them all!

Anonymous said...

I found them!


rhonda said...

I posted up a couple of photos of some winnings if you would like to see. Thanks for all you girls do.